React Solutions provides onsite, over the phone and remote support to a wide range of clients who specialise in different areas. We also offer professional business solutions that are specifically tailored to your business’ individual requirements.

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Our clients are not all the same thus we do not expect them all to have the same software and IT needs. We provide different products and business solutions to each and every customer, tailored to their specific business requirements.

At React Solutions we have over 15, 000 products available to our clients and we sell 90% of all major and smaller software brands. Our team has expertise in all of the brands that we associate with however there are a few brands we are more closely aligned with, for their performance and durability. We choose to have an alliance with the following brands because we believe that they enable us to offer our clients the best quality of service, support, reliability and security.

The brands we have a close working relationship with include: Microsoft, Apple, Trend Micro, IBM, HP, Dell, Cisco, Toshiba, Juniper and many more.

As well as the outright sale of our software React offers its clients rental and leasing options. Read more

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