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React Solutions offers flat fee manages IT services. Please contact React for more information.

React Solutions IT Managed Services and IT Outsourcing

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Most IT support companies operate on the ‘break / fix’ model. In other words they make their money when things go wrong. This is not how we operate at React. At React Solutions, with Fusion Managed Services our qualified staff can constantly monitor your network systems to optimise performance and troubleshoot potential problems before they lead to downtime. It is in our best interest that your network operates as hassle free as possible. Dependant upon your plan, we charge one set monthly fee for all ongoing maintenance, helpdesk support and onsite support*.

Who is Fusion IT Managed Services for?
It is for companies that:
- Rely on their computers for day to day tasks
- Value their staff’s time (i.e. staff sitting around is lost money)
- Want value for money and a real ROI for their equipment
- That may have an IT person that is leaving the company
- Have considered IT outsourcing.

Features: Benefits:
Proactive Maintenance Lower down times due to more reliable computers.
Remote Desktop Support for Servers and PC's Instant support for staff. Less down time means more productivity from your employees.
Power in numbers If we see a threat on another of our client’s networks we will automatically protect your network from the same threat.
Active patch management - Software updates are verified before they are installed on your machines All software updates are installed and verified on our machines before they are installed onto your company’s computers. This means better, more reliable security systems for your network.
Hardware error checks Allows us to see and correct errors before they become a problem and cause you down time.
Alerts on software and hardware changes This allows us to monitor what your employees are installing on your business machines and block potentially harmful installations.
Network Monitoring - New devices and security We are able to determine whether or not a machine is logged onto the network and give it permission to access certain applications and programs depending on your specific requirements. E.g. if a new PC needs to be added to the company domain then we can help with its set up and configuration.
Direct access to a team of experts A team of experts is constantly at hand and monitoring your network systems.
Restriction of non business applications - MSN messenger, music applications, games etc. Less work time wasted by employees.
Flat Fee Because we charge a flat fee it is in our interest to make sure that your network is running to its optimum level of performance. It is in neither our nor your best interest to be constantly onsite fixing problems. This also allows you to create an annual IT budget for your company much more easily.
We do not work by a traditional break fix business model Traditional IT companies operate their business typically by a ‘break fix model’ meaning they make money when you have computer problems. This only benefits them. At React we benefit most when everything is running smoothly for you.

Give us a call on 1300 135 628 so we can provide you with a free IT audit to see if Fusion is right for your business. Click here for contact details

* Helpdesk / Remote / Onsite support is for Windows OS, Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Word etc, plus approved Business Applications as well as any hardware under vendor warranty. React Solutions recommends that all clients have current vendor support for Line Of Business applications.

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